Our Story

Seafood You Can Trust

At Diamond Reef Seafood, our mission is to deliver world-class quality seafood from The Seven Seas to every family’s table. From sustainable, responsible fisheries and the vast, wide open oceans, we are committed to delivering a product that is as environmentally conscious as it is delectable.

You can expect:

  • High quality, sustainable and responsible selection and sourcing
  • Products that always meet the net weight stated on the package
  • Rigorous third-party credentialing to ensure products meet the highest standards
  • Partnerships with the most reputable seafood sources from around the globe for greater variety, quality and value
Frozen Fish

For Freshness, Frozen Can’t Be Beat

When people ask “Is the seafood fresh?” what they really want to know is “Is this quality seafood?” The best way to lock in the fresh flavor and health benefits of seafood is to freeze it right after catch and to thaw it right before preparation.

Unfortunately, the thawed product that you see displayed in local retail cases is actually diminishing in quality before your eyes. At Diamond Reef Seafood, we expertly freeze all our seafood to ensure our products taste as fresh as the moment they left the water.

That means you get great-tasting, high-quality seafood that is affordable and available any time of year.

The Beauty of Superior Selection

When it comes to seafood, selection is key. Diamond Reef Seafood brings you all the highly sought-after varieties like swai, tilapia, shrimp and other family favorites freshly-frozen straight from the open seas and fisheries. Our growing assortment offers variety for any palate and the ability to keep everyone at the dining table smiling.

Global Sourcing

We’re as particular about selecting our partners as we are our products. We search far and wide for the most reputable seafood sources from around the globe. Again, we ensure each of our partners follows our high standards for quality, sustainability and responsibility. There are no shortcuts when it comes to earning a place on your plate.

Sustainability – It’s Our Responsibility

Sustainability is more than a buzzword – it’s a deeply-held belief in doing things the right way. At Diamond Reef®, we ensure that our fish and shellfish meet the highest standards to ensure the conservation of fish stocks and their ecosystems. Or to put it simply – we make sure our seafood is raised, caught and produced responsibly.

All products that bear the Diamond Reef Sustainable Practices seal are produced in facilities that are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certificated as proof of our commitment to meeting stringent standards for:

  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental protection

Learn more about BAP Certification at bapcertification.org.